Hi, I’m Mansour, a software engineer based in London. This is my personal tech/dev blog. I hope you enjoy reading! Feedback always welcome. Views are my own.

Eight Queens

After reading this inspiring blog by Haseeb Q, I decided to have a go at coding some solutions to the eight queens puzzle. You can find my source code here (alas, no pretty GUI)

I think its really a interesting problem because there are a number of different approaches to solving it; e.g. an exhaustive approach like depth-first backtracking, or an iterative improvement approach such as hill-climbing with the min-conflicts heuristic (which is faster but risks hitting a local optimum).

Android chat app

A P2P chat app for Android. You can start a server locally, or connect to one, and exchange messages. Nothing ground-breaking, but it was a good way for me to learn more about the Android platform.

It was also interesting thinking about things that one normally doesn’t when developing, but become a consideration when developing for a mobile system (things like battery power!)

Source code here on: github.com/ma489/android-chat